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Complete • Innovative • Intuitive • Fully Customizable Business and Clinical Software Suite for Hospice Care

We understand that Hospice Agencies need
a cost-effective solution to improved patient care and employee management.

Our Hospice Software is a Cloud-Based solution that provides a complete, innovative, and fully customizable business and clinical software suite for hospice care. It streamlines hospice operations, thereby improving delivery of care while keeping costs at the bare minimum.

Our Cloud-Based Software effectively integrates clinical charting for all disciplines, provides comprehensive assessments, customizable care plans, staff communications, certification tracking, claims/billing services, customizable alerts, IDG reporting, and a lot more.

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Efficient Billing Services

At HospiceWorks, we understand the financial demands hospices face, billing is one of the biggest concerns among hospices since it involves tedious data entry, paperwork, and the never ending correspondence and follow up to ensure your claims get paid.

A standard feature and benefit is that we include our state-of-the-art HospiceWorks software at no additional cost! That’s right! It’s free and included with our Hospice Billing Service.

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Leave your hospice software needs and billing concerns to our team of professionals and let us give you the peace of mind of knowing that someone is always working for you while you focus on what you do best… delivering top-notch patient care and growing your hospice company.