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HospiceWorks Announces Launch of Software Platform for Hospice Industry

Working in conjunction with the HospiceWorks (BRE) is their Quality Assurance (QA) feature, which will assist hospice organizations as they conduct QA checks of clinical documentation. All participating hospices can now design a QA program that meets the specific needs of the establishment, helping them to facilitate quality documentation, open communication, and document measurable improvements.

Another innovative feature in HospiceWorks is our Patient Profile feature, care teams can view a snapshot overview of the patient’s current status, streamlining decision making. “Caring for hospice patients requires intense collaboration and continuity of care, which is why we have a visual Patient Profile within our software allowing them to review vital trends, assess pain management, and monitor wound care,” said Eordogh. “And best of all, it’s all happening in real-time.”

If your business is considering a new hospice software solution, consider HospiceWorks. Want to learn more about HospiceWorks? Schedule a Demo at https://hospiceworks.com/hospice-software/.

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